Monday, May 13, 2013

The "B" spot - a new APP for parents and other learners!

For the past year Forbairt Naíonraí Teoranta, in conjunction with Annertech, have been developing an app called BunGhaeilge. This app will be based on the phrase book BunGhaeilge do Thuismitheoirí agus Feighlithe Leanaí – that was being published by ITE up until 2007 when FNT acquired the publishing rights. The app has been designed in accordance with the structure of the phrase book, that is separated into chapters by theme; ‘Morning time’, ‘The Naíonra’, ‘In the shop’, ‘In the Garden’ for example. Even though this book is aimed primarily at families who wish to use cúpla focal whilst going about their daily activities, FNT believe that this app is useful for all language learners, especially in helping with pronunciation.

App users will have the opportunity to listen to every phrase in the book and to repeat them. A standardised version of the app will be released at first, though FNT plan to release versions in all major dialects in the near future. BunGhaeilge will be available to download free of charge from the Android store from May 15th, and from the Apple store from the start of next month.

According to FNT Chief Executive Clíona Frost, ‘There’s a new resource available for anyone who wishes to use Irish as the everyday language in the family. This app, through the medium of new social media, provides a unique opportunity for the global community to come easily access the Irish language. This app demonstrates great progress in the promotion of the Irish Language.’

Geoff Gray, a parent who wishes to add to his Irish vocabulary store commented, “Finally there is a user friendly app, based on everyday Irish. I can use the app on the go when I’m out with my daughter and my use of Irish has greatly increased since I downloaded BunGhaeilge to my phone. Maith sibh FNT!”

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