Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Language rights in Wales/Ireland.

Many people struggle in Ireland to engage with many State Organisations in the National Language.

This short nicely produced video from the Welsh Language Commissioner emphasises this right in that country in a simple way. The word is #hawliau in Irish #Cearta.

In Ireland the place to contact when your constitutional language rights are curtailed is the Comisinéir Teanga.

Wales of course does not have a constitution and it therefore relys on, at worst, the whims, and at best the goodwill, of legislators in Westminster and Cardiff. In Ireland the basic rights are conferred by Bunracht na hÉireann (1937 - 2015) enacted by the sovereign people.

An Coimisinéir Teanga
An Spidéal,
Co. na Gaillimhe.
Phone: (091) 504006
Fax: (091) 504036

The Coimisinéir Teanga is also active on twitter: @ceartateanga.

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