Iarchonnacht Began! (1969)

Collections of writings in Irish & English from Desmond Fennell in the late 1960s and gathered in a little booklet with the title Iarchonnacht Began (Published 1969)
A more recent article by Desmond Fennell, "Avoiding League Relegation," has appeared in Village Magazine (8/4/2018) .
They are in pdf rather than html and the sizes are indicated in the case of each article
They are reproduced here by kind permission of the author.

Revival or Not? 2 The one remaining chance. (Irish Times 21/1/1969) 281KB

Revival or Not? 1 The Courage to decide. (Irish Times 21/1/1969) 701KB
Published in 1969

Plandáil Chonnacht (Litir sa Irish Times 12/2/1969) 111KB

Iosrael in Iarchonnachta (Inniú28/2/1969) 371KB

Roinnt Litreacha (Inniú Márta 1969 - DF, Tarlach Ó hUid, Seosamh Ó Cuaig) 473KB

Slua ar thóir Pobail (Inniú 14/3/1969) 553KB

Des Fennell's autobiography, "About being normal!" has been published recently (2017) by the Somerville Press.
Níor Athbheodh an Laidin (Inniú 28/3/1969) 446KB

Do Dheasún (Dán le Pádraigh ó Fiannachta, Inniú 28/3/1969) 53KB

Litir Eile (DF 25/4/19690) 234KB

Connacht's view of itself (Léacht i gCaisleáin a'Bharraigh 28/5/1969) 1.4MB

Iarchonnachta 1985 (Billeog a scaipeadh deiredh Meith 1969) 70KB

See also Thosaigh Iarchonnachta (Irish) when these were launched on-line in May 2016. Publishing on-line was partly inspired by Seán Ó Cualáin's  film, "An mar a chéile muid?"  on TG4 which explored success and failures of the Gaeltacht Civil Rights Movement in the late sixties and early seventies.

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