Monday, May 18, 2015

No Irish to be spoken!

‘Declaration setting out the means for the conversion of the Irish and the elimination of the Irish language’ 

When Government agency, Foras na Gaeilge made a decision which finally destroyed the Irish daily and weekly newspapers they were superceded by a service on-line, This enterprise although excellent in its own way does not really replace the print media and indeed in many areas of the Gaeltacht it is not available at all due to lamentable internet availability.

Today their reporter, Maitiú Ó Coimín, has an interesting story (Irish) on decision to repeal a Cromwellian law the aims of which, some might say, the Government has been (inadvertently?) pursuing assiduously since its election four years ago. (There are even some who might say that the Government is also assiduously pursuing its proscriptions on Popish doctrine too but who am I to judge?)
This law is aimed at the "conversion of the Irish and the elimination of the Irish language!" It states baldly, ‘Persons between eleven and twenty must speak and use English only within a year. All under twelve must be taught English....Children to learn the catechism in English. No Irish to be spoken’

The correspondent maintains that the policy at that time failed because of a lack of state resources. Is it not ironic that the policy is now succeeding ostensibly be cause of lack of state resources but perhaps more because of the existence within the state bureaucracy of "stronger and more widespread forces ... who have little or no concern for the future of our national language." (Seán Ó Cuirreáin, 23/1/2014) Those for whom "Irish is not half dead enough!"

Can anyone deny today in 2015 that, even in the Gaeltacht, Irish speaking areas, persons between eleven and twenty are obliged to speak English, especially to the State and that, according to a recent study, those under twelve are already more fluent in English than their own language.

Repealing this law may be right but in looking at the state of Ireland today perhaps it could be viewed as an exercise in crass hypocracy.

Maitiú Ó Coimín has been nominated for Réalt Óg na Bliana (Young Star of the Year) in the Oireachtas Communications Competition this year.  He has been with since it was set up last October and is a very prolific contributor ever since with interesting items like the one reported here.

This is how to vote for him:
Text: GRADAM105
To:  57003 (Within the Irish Telephone Area) or 60999 (within the British Telephone Area - N. Ireland or Gt Britain)

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