Thursday, May 3, 2018

What was that?

A letter in Saturday issue of the Irish Times struck a chord with me and tempted me to write a letter myself.  The editor did use it is subsequent issues (which is his undisputed right) and so I now share it here!
I must say how much I sympathize with your correspondent (Celia Willoughby, IT 28 April 2018) and her frustration at the subtitle service offered by RTÉ Television. I share her frustration especially with the additional irritant of their inability to type in our National Language when it is used by our President and other figures particularly at public events. It is surely not sufficient for our national television broadcaster to type "SPEAKS IRISH" when relaying speeches in language at national events.
I have occasionally shared this view on social media but so far have had no response whatever from those who type these subtitles or those who employ them.

Blurry images of TV Screen
RTÉ sub-title writers treatment of our Nationa Language!

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