Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Naíonra directors in demand

Intensive training courses for Naíonraí Directors at the end of May in Dublin.

As a result of a substantial increase in demand received for the Dianchúrsa (Intensive course) for Stiúrthóirí Naíonraí (Directors) this year, Forbairt Naíonraí Teo.(Bi-lingual site) is organising a further Dianchúrsa from the 24-28th May, which will run Monday to Friday between 9am-5pm. The course will take place in Dublin city centre. The Dianchúrsa provides the basic qualification required by FNT to work as a Naíonra Leader.

Those who wish to attend the Dianchúrsa will be required to sit an Irish language interview in order to assess their standard of Irish. The Irish language interviews will take place in Dublin on the 11th and 12th of May in the Marino Institute of Education (English), Griffith Avenue, Dublin 9.

This is a fundamental course, through the medium of Irish, which covers the management and running of a Naíonra. It is aimed at Naíonraí Assistants and anyone with fluent Irish who is interested in using the language with young children.

This course is mandatory for anyone who wishes to start a Naíonra under Forbairt Naíonraí Teo. Presently there are 156 naíonraí registered with Forbairt Naíonraí Teoranta, with over 3,500 children attending childcare services through Irish.

Clíona Frost, Chief Executive of FNT said, “I’m extremely pleased by this visible increase in demand for Naíonraí services. The effect that our established naíonraí have on the community, and the link that is being established with the gaelscoileanna throughout the country, highlights the growing strength of the Naíonra brand.”

“It’s clear that parents are now recognising the full advantages of the Total Early Immersion model by choosing pre-schooling entirely through Irish for their children.”

Forbairt Naíonraí Teoranta is working continuously with the other main Irish language voluntary organisations to promote the language, along with childcare and education through the medium of Irish, especially with regard to Total Early Immersion Education.

É seo as Gaeilge

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