Thursday, May 20, 2010

Trojan work has been undertaken by Fiontar (DCU) on three aspects of the language, a terminology database (, the placenames database (, (and The Placenames Branch Department of Community, Equality and Gaeltacht Affairs) and they are also working on the Irish Biography Project (

The following is a summary of new implementations on the mapping interface on the placenames website due to the feedback the have received:

- The first page was rearranged to make it more like the current version.

- A clickable map was put on the first page so that one can go straight to a specific county.

- More coordinates were added to geographical objects that didn't previously have coordinates, especially baronies and civil parishes, and they are displayed on the map at the appropriate zoom levels.

- Links were created at the top of the map to "Quick-zoom" to the level of the baronies, the parishes etc.

- The button "Show placenames" was changed so that it only appears when it is necessary to click on it.

The site with the mapping interface is to be launched in the next few days. We hope that you will benefit from it and enjoy it. The team welcome feedback anytime at this email address:

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