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As already referred to, the 2006 Government Statement on the Irish Language identified key policy objectives through which support for Irish and the Gaeltacht will be advanced. The areas for action set out below are associated and grouped in relation to those objectives and will be addressed in phases as follows:

Year 1 (2010): Establishment Phase
This year will be devoted to the communication of the goals and content of the Strategy and setting up the required organisational and operational structures. In addition, the overall resources required will be allocated and the ongoing monitoring, evaluation and modification procedures will be agreed and established. Operational plans will be requested and received from all implementing public agencies. Key priority measures will be established.

Years 2-3 (2011-12): Implementation Phase I - Laying the Foundations
During the first two years of the Strategy, all the long-term measures will be put in place so that the supply of qualified teachers, and other specialists are available, or the systems for their preparation are in place, early in the Strategy. In addition, a considerable number of measures will be fully implemented or commenced in this phase, including the preparation of materials for language education and literacy.

Years 4-15 (2013-25): Implementation Phase II - Expanding and Deepening
This phase can be seen as having three sub-phases, but overall it involves: full implementation of all measures; undertaking of rolling evaluations; and conducting of campaigns for promotion and fostering of positive attitudes to the language. The first graduates of revised teacher education programs will be produced and these will be deployed to schools and other education institutions.

During this phase Ireland will celebrate the 100th anniversaries of the Easter Rising and of independence, and these occasions will be linked to the Strategy for Irish, showcasing results attained, undertaking a major review of outcomes and mobilizing public involvement and support around the goals, spirit and vision of the Strategy.

Years 16-20 (2026-30): Implementation Phase III: Consolidating
The consolidation phase will be directed towards mainstreaming of all measures. It will build on the increased abilities in Irish amongst our people, expanded opportunities to use Irish and the active encouragement of positive attitudes towards Irish achieved in previous phases.

The provision of appropriate resources and support will be crucial to the implementation of the Strategy. Provision will be overseen by the Department of Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs and functions will be allocated to an existing agency (or agencies) or sourced from the private sector, as appropriate.

Arrangements will be put in place to:

  • - monitor, support and adapt practical language planning activities from other societies;
  • - initiate, survey and review materials which facilitate the use of Irish;
  • - host a central database of Irish medium materials, templates and IT applications;
  • - prepare guides and materials to assist individuals and voluntary organisations to promote Irish;
  • - provide a national public help-line;
  • - put in place a national information centre and clearing house for translation services and other language-related services;
  • - hold a national database of good practice activities in language planning;
  • - help develop supports for local area initiatives and the capacity to develop and manage such initiatives; and
  • - promote the development of language management systems in a variety of contexts.
Many of the priorities for action in this Strategy depend on the availability of such supports and resources and their organisation are, therefore, a high priority for early attention.

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