Thursday, April 22, 2010


A number of measures are already in place to ensure that:
  • up-to-date dictionaries, both English-Irish and Irish-English, will be developed with provision for updating/revising them periodically and for deriving shorter dictionaries from them;
  • such dictionaries will be published in both print and electronic formats;
  • corpus resources and lexical tools for development of Irish-language lexicography will be created, supporting both monolingual (historical) and bilingual (contemporary) dictionaries;
  • the Historic Dictionary of the Irish language being developed by the Royal Irish Academy will be completed by 2037;
  • modern terminology in Irish will be developed and disseminated; and
  • the Official Standard for Irish spelling and grammar will be revised periodically.
These measures will continue to be developed and supported to ensure that the needs of the language in the modern age are met.

A new Central Translations Directorate has been established in the Department of Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs to implement a strategy for the translation of Statutory Instruments in line with constitutional requirements. It will also be tasked with bringing forward a review of the Official Standard.

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