Thursday, April 22, 2010


Voluntary Language Schemes
An Irish Language Scheme – modelled on the Language Scheme for the public sector provided for in the Official languages Act - will be introduced on a voluntary basis into the private sector. The aim will be to encourage private sector companies who value linguistic diversity in general and the Irish language in particular and wish to be involved in the national programme to deliver quality customer services in both Irish and English. Exemplary initiatives in Irish language support will be publicly acknowledged and celebrated.

Bilingual labelling and packaging
The Government will examine the feasibility of introducing a voluntary code for bilingual labelling and packaging of all goods sold in Ireland. This activity could be used as a mechanism to develop the range of areas available in which people can choose Irish as a language of exchange.

Economic activity
A series of initiatives will be put in place to encourage entrepreneurship and economic activity among the Irish language speaking community on a company, sectoral or local basis. The approach will be threefold:
  • Encourage entrepreneurship through training programmes, business incubation, campus companies and the creation of economic networks.
  • Support and develop the language economy that can provide the required services to the State and to the EU in areas such as translation, interpretation, language teaching, publishing, language consultancy, project management. Measures will include start-up support, mentoring services, product development, marketing and promotion advice, and management development services.
  • Position Ireland as a leader in the provision of technological solutions to providing multilingual services on a cost-effective basis.
Supports for these initiatives will be provided by the new Údarás na Gaeilge. The Údarás will also facilitate the creation of a Cumann Tráchtála (Business Network) for Gaeltacht and other Irish language businesses. The Cumann will work to support businesses providing services through Irish or working through Irish and to raise awareness throughout the business community of the link between the language and economic development, including the link between the economic interests of Gaeltacht areas and the status of the language there as well as the language dimension to the success of individual companies.

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